Little Things

Posted by jcnnghm Thu, 10 Feb 2011 23:06:00 GMT

Walking around Disney World on a drizzly day, I noticed two employees walking around with large squeegees. My girlfriend and I got in a line, and I kept watching as we waited. Methodically, as if following a predefined course, they traveled from puddle to puddle, brushing pooling water collecting in areas with poor drainage away. I was almost elated to see this, as very few things annoy me as much as stepping into a shallow pool of water that’s just deep enough to coat the surface of a sandal with a slippery, slimy, bothersome coating. With about 65,000 employees involved in their operations, it’s not a significant bother for management to assign staff to clear standing water when it rains, which it tends to do with some regularity in Florida. Most people probably don’t care about such trivial things, but for some small percentage of people, myself included, that particular thing definitely matters. Disney is filled with small details and intricacies that separate the experience at their parks, from the experience anywhere else. Other companies in other industries do this, but Disney probably does it best. If you can perform a large number of little things that make groups of your customers happy, in aggregate you can have a profound effect on the perceived quality of your product or service.

What little things does your company do that create large impacts?


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